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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Karl Rove--Only Perjury?

No time to comment now, except that this article provokes the question: who do you think will serve more prison time: Karl Rove, for the perjury he's already admitted publically, or journalists connected to this case who are about to be sent to jail? Also: why isn't Robert Novak being threatened with jail? He wrote the original article. Has he betrayed his source already?


Blogger Saije said...

this is an opinion piece. It doesn't have any evidence of anything in it. Maybe Karl Rove will get the same sentence Sandy Berger got for stuffing classified docs down his pants and sneaking them out of the archives. Actually I have no real sense of this story except that it is not nearly as fascinating and important as the missing girl in Aruba...which is now being trumped in the news by the disgusting pervert in Idaho who kidnapped two kids and killed one of them. oh and there's apparently a hurricane coming this way (well a few hundred miles to the west but you never know).

10:47 AM  
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