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Friday, July 08, 2005


In The Dark has an insightful response to the London attacks.


Blogger Guitanguran said...

As to insight, another angle. Let's look at the word 'hate' for a minute. Most people would consider the kind of hatred that would drive a person or a group to commit violence against others unjustifiable under any circumstances.That's especially the case if the victims were not responsible for whatever behavior brought on the violence in the first place. That said, if Islamic or other terrorists hate America or Bush so much, why not just go after Bush, or Americans? Why kill fellow Muslims? Why kill innocent people of any stripe? Assuming that there's some type of moral equivalency between Democracies like America or Britain and terrorists and/or terrorist friendly regimes that approve of killing innocent people, ON PURPOSE, doesn't pass muster.
As to us somehow enslaving whole continents with our economic policies or making the world mad because we use up all these resources, those are also non-starters. Granted, we've sided with regimes that under normal circumstances would be considered an enemy, like Russia after WWII.But as soon as Hitler was gone, the Cold War was on. Its been policy in the past to use the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' approach. Musharref (sp?) is no angel, but right now he's needed.
We consume more because we make more stuff than anyone else, that the rest of the world uses, by the way. If you look at how much this country gives in the public and private sector to the rest of the world in aid, one would see our generosity is without equal. Our problem in the past has been supporting corrupt regimes with foreign aid that never gets to its intended recipients, the citizens themselves.
Finally, a bully will always be a bully unless confronted. The violence and bloodshed will merely escalate if there's no one to stand up to it. Hate will always strike out at innocents unless we stop it. So, hating or loving Bush has nothing to do with it. There's people out there that hate me. They hate you. They hate us...just because. They're not morally superior, or right, or justified in what they do. They're just convinced that they are. That's the dangerous part.

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